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Safety, security, and the opportunity for a bit of ornamental flair, your gate serves many functions. The simple open and closing is only one part of your gate’s existence. At Redlands Fence Pros, we work directly with homeowners and property owners to ensure that the gate installation or repair meets every need for the property and the people living there. ​

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    This task is not something that most homeowners can DIY over a weekend. In fact, we see many botched do-it-yourself attempts that result in severe damage to the posts, walkway under the gate, or the gate itself.

    Trust Redlands Fence Pros because we rely on the correct equipment, the best materials, and a staff of experienced and knowledgeable fence contractors. Our strong sense of pride has made us put a focus on craftsmanship, and you can notice it in everything from a fence repair to gate installation.

    Our gate installation process will vary slightly based on the materials that make up your current fence. We provide access to wood, vinyl, chain link, picket fencing, and more. With every option, we aim to match your gate to the existing fence flawlessly.

    Gate installation is available for:

    • Vinyl Gates
    • ​Wood Gates
    • Back yard fence gates
    • Standard home side-gates
    • Decorative garden or patio gates
    • Gate Repair and Replacements

    When looking for gates, the purpose is not the only consideration to factor into your decision making. In fact, you should look at how the gate will survive years of use and the natural elements. For example, a gate that is opened many times throughout the day may take on hinge damage quickly, and if not handled correctly, could deteriorate over a short period of time. Gates that have children climbing over it rather than opening it properly may also suffer damage over a short period of time. Redlands Fence Pros can help you identify possible future concerns such as this to attempt to head off any issues over the next few years.

    Gate Repairs

    Gates become misaligned, may pull against their hinges, or bend over the years. Although gates are usually low maintenance, the commonly needed repair is for sagging. ​

    Sagging happens when one or both of the gate's hinges has deteriorated and can no longer support the weight of the gate. This can make it difficult or impossible for the gate to swing open and shut. However, this repair is an easy fix. With a new hinge and minor repairs to the post, your gate will be back in top shape in no time at all.

    Contact Redlands Fence Pros when you're ready to discuss your gate repairs or installation. As a locally owned and operated fence service provider, we aim to deliver outstanding service as well as fast response.