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    Fence Repair Redlands

    Homeowners throughout Southern California's Inland Empire rely on our Redlands Fence contractors for quality fencing and gate repair or installation. We deliver the very best, and that means working with the best materials, fence contractors, and fence installers for all size projects both residential and commercial.

    Redlands Fence services have become an integral part of home security, aesthetic, and containment solutions for homeowners. If you're ready to get started with your fence project, then you need to contact our fence contractors today. Licensed and Insured Contractors.​

    Fence Contractor

    When looking for "fence companies near me", in the Redlands area look no further - call True American Fencing. We've spent many years installing fences, making repairs, and helping homeowners find solutions for security and containment.

    Our experienced fence contractors can work with you to decide upon designs and placement for backyard fences, and more. Our team of expert fence contractors can work on installations, repairs in a variety of materials, and gates.  We've trained and hired the best fence installers in the area, and we're proud to say that regardless of the fence type, we're happy to start on your project right away. ​

    Fence Installation

    Fence installation always starts with a survey of the land. Our fence installers will go through your goals and your property to ensure that what you want is possible, doable, up to code, and safe. As part of our estimate, we'll go through possible materials and more. If you're looking to install a fence and remove an old fence, we can go through the time frame and process as well, so there is a minimal amount of time where your yard is accessible.

    During fence installation, Redlands Fence Pros, we manage all of the inspections and permits, so there's nothing for you to worry about. We'll often need to gather permits to ensure that we can dig through some regions of the property to make sure we won't run into utility lines or pipes.

    How much does it cost to install a fence? Fence installation is not as expensive as most people believe. The costs vary significantly based on the materials chosen and the time + labor involved. If you have a larger sized property or yard, you may not even choose to fence the entirety of the yard. Additionally, you may decide it's best to fence the grassy or child-safe area of your yard with a tall wooden fence and then enclose your entire property in chain-link. 

    As part of our fence installation process, we create a custom design, provide affordable materials, and guarantee outstanding quality. 

    Your Local Fence Company

    We've been improving fences for years, and that means that we can easily spot what does or does not need repair. If your fence has only taken on damage through the years because of weather, it's possible that you have multiple areas that require attention and repair. But, working with pet damage, it's a different situation.

    Pet damage will often only impact a tiny section of fencing and may not be very expensive to repair at all. With the chain link, it's a matter of resetting or stretching a new segment of chain link between the two posts. For wood fencing, however, a repair may be more time-consuming.

    With wood, fencing repairs may require our fence repair experts to pull out large sections and reset segments of poles along with new slats of wood. Vinyl fencing can be challenging to repair and require the installation of new wall segments to replace the damaged material.

    As part of our fence repairs, we provide post replacement, straightening, post cap replacement, gate repair, back rail replacement, and even full tear-out.

    Post replacement and straitening are standard after storms and from object damage such as a bike or other item striking the pole. Even animals can bend or offset posts for jumping, leaning, or digging.

    Gate repairs become necessary because of the extensive use that gates have over the years. Redlands Fence Pros works with the homeowners to provide secure gat systems that won’t allow children or pets to wander freely.

    Spotting that your fence needs repairs aren't always so easy. When you're dealing with weather, pet, or vehicle damage, it's clear that there is a section of a split, missing, or chewed fence. However, there are many other repairs that can go unnoticed by homeowners for years. They may even be hard to detect if you've noticed that pets are getting out, but your fence looks like.

    The primary warning signs that your fence needs repair include sagging, flexing, a gate that drags, binding, and fencing materials that pull away from the posts. These signs can help homeowners know if they need a repair, but if you're still not sure, contact Redlands Fence Pros to set up a consultation. We will happily go through your fence with you to determine if you need any repairs at all.

    Our fence repair services usually are rather quick jobs, which means that there's not so much pressure on you to have fencing contractors in your yard for days at a time. Typically our repairs only take a few hours because we work efficiently and always send out our fence repair persons in teams.

    When you're looking to repair your fence damage, you should work with a company that will work around times that fit your schedule. We understand that having pets or children at home can be a cause for concern when there is an open segment of fencing in the backyard. When you contact Redlands Fence Pros, we’ll schedule repair times that can accommodate your needs. ​

    Why Choose Us

    Locally owned and locally operated, Redlands Fence Pros offers the best fence installation and repair through the Inland Empire. We provide exceptional work, quick service and repair, and unmatched customer service. Over the course of more than a decade of operations, we've brought together the best possible team of fence installers and fence contractors.  At Redlands Fence Pros, we're open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. We work with all types of fencing and the absolute best team of installers. Our office is always available for free quotes or estimates, and every phone call, meeting, or job comes with the best customer service.

    Residential Fencing Services

    Residential fencing is the best solution for keeping your home safe for your pets, children, and it even works as a level of security. Fences are also a boost to your home's value, meaning that if your home didn't have a fence when you bought it that it's a high-quality investment.

    When you're looking to invest in fence installation, you should always look for the best contractor around. That means contractors that are reliable and put an emphasis on quality. Hire the best fence installers in the Inland Empire. Redlands Fence Pros is a full residential fence repair and installation service. Our fence contractors have years of experience and are well-versed in providing high-quality customer service experience.

    For many homes, a fence is more than an investment. When it comes to protecting your yard from the wildlife that can roam through the outer areas of Redlands, it's part of your everyday security. Additionally, families that install swimming pool fences aren't merely worried about investing in their homes but in their children's safety as well.

    Fence Installers

    We understand that fences and gates serve many more functions that are simply adding curb appeal, but at Redlands Fence Pros, we're happy to work with you on a design until you have a fence that provides security and looks excellent. 

    Among our residential fencing services, we offer installations, repairs, and design. Repairs are often necessary but straightforward for maintaining the integrity of your fence. After a storm, severe damage to your fence, or if you've noticed tell-tale signs of aging such as sagging, contact Redlands Fence Pros for a repair inspection. A half-fallen fence or a gate that hangs on its hinges is not only an eyesore but a severe problem for your home's value. Don't let your fence go untended, while repairs are easy to schedule and more affordable than many homeowners initially believe. 

    As a full-service fencing company, we manage every repair, installation, or service that you could imagine. Our fence contractors work with homeowners to find the best and most affordable solution for their needs, which has contributed to our long-time reputation as courteous, professional, and friendly. ​​

    Types of Fences

    At Redlands Fence Pros, we install a massive variety of fences. We work with numerous materials and can create custom designs for your yard. Look through these different types of fences to see what options are best for you. ​

    Vinyl Fences

    Vinyl is stronger than wood, is more flexible, holds up better through storms, and provides the privacy that chain-link doesn't. Choosing a vinyl fence option or a vinyl coated fence is becoming the top choice for fence replacement. Vinyl is known for withstanding high winds, a particular problem for the Inland Empire. Vinyl fence cost can vary, so call us for a quote.

    Chain Link Options

    The tried and true chain link fence won't fail you. It's the go-to option for keeping pets in your yard and keeping other animals out of your yard. Chain link fences can often hold up for decades. Although it's not exactly visually appealing, it's highly functional.

    Chain-link also provides a strong level of protection against vehicles as well. If you're on a busy street or know that there are frequent accidents in front of your home, it's well worth investing in a chain link options. Slatted chain link options are great for offering some privacy and is still an economical option.

    Picket Fences

    Are you dreaming of that perfect house with a little picket fence? Never give up on that dream, in fact, call Redlands Fence Pros to make your picket fence a reality.

    Other fences that we work with, and install include:

    • Baluster Fences
    • Scalloped Baluster Fencing
    • Post and Rail Fencing
    • Residential Fence 
    • Tennis Court Fencing
    • Security Cages
    • Temporary Fencing
    • Swimming Pool Fencing ​

    When you're ready to schedule your fence installation, you can call Redlands Fence Pros. We perform full fence installation, removal, and repairs. Our team of expert fence professionals understands the critical need to focus on quality to create the best fence possible.

    Installation Process

    Our fence installation process involves a four-step system. First, we plan out the space, then prepare the land, set the posts, and complete the installation.

    The space planning process allows us to walk through the property and identify where the fence could lay. The homeowner's goals for their fence are always the top priority here. We make sure to explain every possible option available and the possible permits necessary for placing the fence in specific locations.

    To prepare the land, Redlands Fence Pros focuses on marking fence posts, burying each post appropriately, and preparing any fence materials that will need to hold up to high winds, rains, and heavyweight.

    As we set the posts and the railings will put our effort into building excellent craftsmanship. It's a simple step, but it gives us the entire frame for the project with a guide for fitting wooden slats, pickets, or unrolling the chain link. When we work with ornamental aluminum or wrought iron, it's a similar but slightly different process. With some materials that are often pieces or segments, we will need to raise the fence in parts rather than raise the posts and then fill in the gaps.

    After every fence installation, we always clean up the area. Redlands Fence Pros does not want to leave homeowners with a yard that needs clean-up work, so we do it before we go. Contractors and fence installers can leave a substantial mess with loose dirt or soil and displaced areas where there was previously gravel or grass.

    Fence installers and repair contractors need experience in handling more than just fencing materials. Working with the city for permits and meeting specific codes are vital aspects of the job too. When searching for fence installation near me, look no further than Redlands Fence Pros.

    Areas We Service

    Redlands, San Bernardino, Moreno Valley, Riverside, Fontana, Bloomington, Yuciapa, Calimesa, Hinda, Cherry Valley, Beaumont, Woodrest, Jurupa Valley and more. Call today to get a free quote.