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Fence installation isn't something that homeowners usually look forward to. Either they've purchased a home that didn't have a fence, which is common through many areas of Redlands, or there is terrible damage to the existing fence, and it needs a full replacement. No matter the circumstance, we will make sure that your fence installation is a pleasant experience.

We put a great deal of emphasis on getting the job done right the first time. That means that all of our staff have received training on the importance of safety and quality. New fence installations with Redlands Fence Pros are done by fence experts who have handled fencing materials, design, and permit planning for years. ​

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    When planning for a new fence installation, the homeowner will usually already have a vision in mind. But when it comes to the practical matters of what a fence should deliver, that vision doesn't quite fit into place. For example, many people dream of having short white picket fences, but if they have a dog that could quickly clear that fence, it's not reasonable. ​

    Always consider security, safety, and visual appeal when choosing your fencing materials. When it comes to security, a fence should not simply act as a barrier. But it should keep out any unwanted animals or wildlife and create a barrier of privacy. Many people choose a slatted chain link as a reinforced option to a typical chain link.

    Safety is another major concern because if you have open trenches, uneven sections of land, or swimming pools, the fence must serve a definite purpose and not deteriorate quickly. Aluminum fencing and wrought iron are popular for safety fences as anyone could promptly see into the fenced area to detect trouble.

    The visual appeal, of course, is a significant consideration. No one wants an ugly fence, and many people shy away from certain fence materials because they believe it would be too expensive. Discuss your budget and materials options with one of our fence installation contractors at Redlands Fence Pros. When looking for fence installation near me, it's clear that many people are looking for a good deal. We'll help you find an excellent value for the budget that you have in mind already.

    Chain Link Fence Installation Service

    Chain link is among the most common fencing material because it's inexpensive, effective for security, and holds up well to high winds. The installation is not as complicated as installing some other fence materials, and our fence installers work in highly efficient teams.

    First, we will set up the complete framework with deep-set posts to prevent uprooting or leaning. Then our team will stretch the chain link and install tension bars and bands to avoid sagging, unraveling, or curling.

    When you're ready to install a new fence on your property, call Redlands Fence Pros. Our fence installers are ready and waiting to discuss your materials and design options for your property. From chain link to custom-designed ornamental wrought iron, we can ensure that the fence matches your vision.