Fence Repair Near Me

Fence damage happens and often in unexpected or outright frustrating ways. At Redlands Fence Pros, we've seen it all. Weather damage such as the high-winds that rock Southern California can cause fences to lean, bend posts, and even pull vinyl or other solid materials out of the ground. Pet damage from chewing and digging are quite common. Additional damage from vehicles or only time wearing away at the fencing materials are all everyday occurrences for us.

At Redlands Fence Pros, our staff is well-trained on how to assess the damage and recommend economical repairs to the homeowners. We know that any damaged fence puts your yard, home, pets, and possibly children at risk because there isn't a solid barrier protecting your property. That is why we offer fast repairs and schedule our repair services as soon as possible after you call. ​

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    Types of Fence Repairs We Offer

    From wood, to vinyl, chainlink, picket fence, galvanized steel, iron, metal and more, we fix it all! 

    Fence Post Repairs

    Posts will often be the more common aspect of the fence that requires repair. Unlike the vast stretches of fencing materials, these posts are anchored into the ground with the intent of not moving at all. That doesn't usually happen, though. High-speed winds, water damage, animal damage, fallen trees, crashed vehicles all put most of the damage on posts.

    A leaning fence post may require outright replacement. However, there are times when the post needs restabilization. Our team can stabilize or even straighten posts regardless of the materials.

    For example, wooden materials for picket fences, "good-neighbor" wooden fences, or similar often lean because of wood rot. Posts with wood rot isn’t a sign that you need to replace your fence. In fact, dealing with wood rot on posts is just a bit of maintenance. Other materials will also lean for various reasons, and most of the time, it’s a simple repair.

    Another common fence post repair is shallow posts uprooting. Redlands Fence Pros strives to provide a high-quality installation experience, but many other companies cut corners and will dig their posts too close to the topsoil, and eventually, the post will uproot and fall over. For chain link, this is especially damaging as it will often take the section of fencing before and after the post down with it.

    Redlands Fence Pros recommends that homeowners fix any leaning or bent fence posts right away to protect the integrity of the rest of the fence. Our staff will always thoroughly survey the project before getting started and make you aware of the options for repairs before suggesting a fence replacement.

    Damaged Sections

    If you have a damaged section of fencing, then you need a repair fast, or you're accepting the compromised barrier between you, your neighbors, and animals in your area. Unlike post-repair, damaged sections can take days for repair, and it may take a while to obtain the same materials to match your fence.

    It’s always best to act fast so that the time it takes to obtain the materials and map out a plan for the repair don’t overlap with the time that should be spent making repairs.

    Redlands Fence Pros will always consider the materials in use before making repairs. In some cases, the repair may be as simple as setting new planks. But, for vinyl, wrought iron, and aluminum, it often requires replacement of entire sections.

    To schedule your fence repair for any damage, contact Redlands Fence Pros. Our all-star customer service team will explain the process for assessing the damage and schedule a time to meet with one of our fence repair contractors right away. ​